Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Marietta's Seventy-one Reasons To Live on Cape Cod

I have lived in Harwich all my life except for college and a few years in New York and Washington. Here are 71 reasons I love living on Cape Cod . . .

1. Close to nature in every direction. 2. Beautiful Cape Cod house architecture 3. Historic references to many important things in our present-day culture 4. Interesting people live here. 5. Cape Cod Restaurants=sport 6. Many of the things that make Cape Cod so physically beautiful are also environmentally appropriate 7. Town meeting form of government 8. Many volunteer opportunities 9. Each Cape Cod town has a distinct character and look. 10. 365 ponds 11. Lifelong learning classes through several institutions 12. Golf year round on Cape Cod 14. Glass 15. 15 Cape Cod towns=15 solutions to governmental matters 16. Back roads 17. Cape Cod's summer League baseball (where many baseball stars have started out) 18. W.H.A.T. 19. Slower pace of life 20. Lighthouses 21. Rail Trail 22. Rosa Rugosa 23. Shellfishing 24. Sandy Neck 25. Stargazing: less light pollution 26. Watching the full moon rise over the outer beach at Chatham Light 27. Mild Cape Cod winters 28. Indian Summer 29. Worldwide recognition of the Cape Cod name and shape 30. Cranberries 31. Atlantic Flyway for birders 32. Thacher Shore Road, Yarmouthport 33. Jag 34. Heritage Plantation in Sandwich 35. Ferries to Nantucket 36. Cape Cod Air's colorful planes 37. Whale watching 38. Cape Cod National Seashore 39. Lobster bisque at the Brewster Fish House 40. Cape Symphony Orchestra 41. Window boxes 42. Chatham's walking Main Street 43. Barnstable Harbor 44. Cape Cod Photo Workshops 45. Ross' Grille in P'town 46. Art's Dune Buggy Rides 47. Cape Cod summer camps for kids 48. Cat boats 49. Fog 50. Cape Cod Lavender Farm 51. Art galleries 52. Antique auctions 53. Harwich Junior Theater 54. First night in Chatham 55. Brewster in Bloom parade 56. Seashell driveways 57. Birdwatchers' General Store in Orleans 58. Breakfast at Jack's Outback in Yarmouth 59. Cape Cod striper Fishing 60. Cape Cod Cinema season tickets 61. Cape Cod Bay and Nantucket Sound water = ideal temps for swimmers 62. 90 minutes to Providence or Boston 63. Bus service direct to Logan Airport 64. No big box stores 65. Lectures at Fine Arts Work Center, Provincetown 66. Wellfleet Flea Market 67. Camping 68. Kayaking on Pleasant Bay 69. Televised selectmen meetings 70. WOMR in Provincetown 71. Jay Allison's soundbites on WCAI


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