Saturday, February 23, 2008

A Dozen Ways to See a House

When viewing a house that you may want to buy, take note of the following:

1. Make and age of all appliances in the kitchen and laundry (Preference for “Energy Star” rated appliances)

2. Make and age of mechanical systems in the house (hot water, heat, a/c) (Was a/c added or original?)

3. Roof: age and brand of shingles (Google to find out life expectancy and wind rating)

4. Make and age of windows. Windows from 1983 might need to be replaced if double-paned glass seals have broken.

5. Design of house: how easy is it to get the groceries from the car in the driveway into the house? Look at steps along the way and counters when you get to the kitchen. What about direct entry garage, nice in snow or rain or extreme heat?

6. Design of house: does master bedroom fit a king-sized bed on a wall so the windows aren’t behind the bed?

7. Design of house: any morning sunshine in the kitchen?

8. Exterior: tree roots pressing on foundation?

9. Exterior: trees overhanging roof and shortening life of shingles and clogging gutters

10. Exterior: cost in time or money to maintain yard

11. Exterior: front or side loading garage: when the snow plow comes down the driveway, is the garage at a right angle so the snow is piled up at the head of the driveway and not at the garage door?

12. Radon, mold, mice, squirrels and loud neighbors: inquiring minds will want to know but don’t wear out your welcome asking about this now. Home inspection will reveal these problems; come back to the area in the evening and sit in your car with the windows rolled down and listen. You’ll check with the police dept on the crime report for the area.

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